1. INCOGNITO: No forms, No identity checks, No credit history, No paper statements in the post, No personal details on the card. 2. INSTANTLY YOURS: No links to your bank account, No forms, No identity checks, No paper statements in the post. 3. CLEVER WITH MONEY: Handy tools make it perfect for budgeting, Great for saving up for something special, Pre-paid means you never pay interest. 4. ONLINE SHOPPING: Shop online 24/7, Accepted on 1000s of websites, Get the best deals online, CVV security for safe transactions. 5. POCKET MONEY: Safer than cash, just block the card if you lose it, Handy tools make it perfect for budgeting. 6. TRAVEL WITH CONFIDENCE: If you lose your card, just block it, Accepted worldwide, Low fees for withdrawing cash at international ATM’s’. 7. SHARING MONEY: Instant global money share, Both local and overseas.

About Prime

The Prime Offshore Prepaid MasterCard unlike any other MasterCard has no usage or withdrawal limit, you can use it in over 33 million outlets across the globe – online, in shops and over the phone. In fact, wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. You can also withdraw money from ATMs and share money with family and friends around the world.

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This card is intended to be used for legal purposes only. All activities related to the use of this card will be monitored to ensure compliance with this policy. Any suspicious activity could result in the deactivation of the account and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
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